Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and Dining are two sides of the same coin as they are both seen in every home.  They are both places where families can share happy moments.

Generally, a kitchen is where food is prepared and where you can store kitchen equipment like dinnerware sets, Blenders, drinking glasses, storage blocks for spices, and stackable pots and pans.

A kitchen can’t do without a Knife Block set, Vegetable Peelers, and a good Microwave Oven for fast cooking, or heating food.

On the Other Hand, the Dining is a good place to create lasting memories with Love ones. Even the little ones aren’t left out on the dining with their suction bowls that stick to table.

Make your household items complete, with all the necessary kitchen and Dining essentials today!

Pork meat shop near me - Pork Brisket

Pork Meat Shop Near Me

Pork meat is gradually becoming popular in Nigeria; it is finally stepping up in our meat markets around Nigeria. However, for pig meat sale to reach its full potential, Buyers will have to see the nutrition value of pork meat and placing demand on it thereby making butchers sourcing for it. People are also concerned …

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Arcopal vs Corelle dinnerware set comparison

Arcopal Vs Corelle

With the abundance of dinnerware set brands available, it can be difficult to pick one. Though these brands have their strength and weakness so you should have a few features of the kind of dinnerware set you want for your home. Let us focus on Arcopal vs corelle, let us put them side by side …

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Bormioli Rocco food container

Bormioli Rocco Cadmium Free

According to the company, the Bormioli Rocco is lead and cadmium free. It is 100% glass and this was achieved by adding fluorine. The kitchenware comes with a lot of eco-friendly features like it is liquid-proof (does not absorb liquid or impurities), it has high mechanical resistance, dishwasher safe, Microwave Oven and refrigerator safe. The …

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