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The meat grinder has become a very useful kitchen appliance. The best brand of meat grinder for the money is used for fine chopping and mixing of raw and cooked meat, fish, small chicken bones, vegetable, and other similar food categories.

The meat grinder did bring some relief in the kitchen as it replaces tools like the mincing knife. This meat grinder makes cooking faster and a lot of fun and brings in a bit of innovation in the art of cooking.

Getting a meat grinder all depends on how much meat you want to grind at a time and how much you are willing to spend on a meat grinder. In this article I have carefully put together the best brands of meat grinders you can buy starting from under $100.

If you are looking to eat healthier, save money, and get better fillings inside your food, then you need the best meat grinder that will grind your meat and other foods to a perfect pulp.


Meat grinders are good for mixing both cooked and raw foods like fish, vegetables and meat.

They are perfect for making burgers and sausages. There is no regret using meat grinders to make tasty burgers and sausages.

Meat grinders are also used to grind bones. It doesn’t matter the type of bone you eant to grind. At this point, you need to be careful to see manufacture’s specification on the type of bone you want to grind. We will discuss this later in this article.

Meat Grinders are the perfect appliance for cookie lovers. Perfect for grindng cookie dough. Prepare mouth licking and healthy cookies at home.




Meat grinders have the ablity to compress meat as it moves towards the cutting blade or disk. This gives the meat uniformity of a particular size, simply put you have control over the meat size based on different cutting blades and plates screwed on the meat grinder appliance.

We have manual and electrical meat grinder of various brands. The electric meat grinders have great grindng capacity, versatility and can handle large amount of meat.While the manual meat grinder handls a samll quantuty of meat, easy to use and repair.

A Blender is a great electrical appliance that can mix liquids and soft foods together or turn fruits or vegetables into Liquid. A Blender can chop, cream, whip, mix or Liquefy foods. Furthermore, a blender is perfect for making smoothies, pulsing vegetables, making sauces, dips, crushing ice, and pureeing.

A blender combines two substances when mixing while a meat grinder powders two substances when grinding or powdering them. Blenders sometimes make the meat as pasta rather than mincing.

Meat grinders can handle multiple choices of food substances like grinding, chopping and powdering as it is beyond blenders. Chefs, cooks and individuals prefer the meat grinders for the wide perfromance of making food while blendrs does comparatively less.

Unlike meat grinders that have a reverse button when the meat gets stuck, blenders don’t have a reverse button. Blenders can’t grind bones and other hard tissues of meat but a meat grinder can.

Meat grinders grind meat evenly , keeping all the nutrients intact. Most meat grinders brands come with an extension or attachment giving the user extensive use for meat making and juicing while a blender has restrictions.


It is difficult to talk about meat grinders without mentioning sausage stuffers. A sausage stuffer is an appliance used for filling sausage skins with the minced and prepared meat.

Depending on the recipe you intend to make, you need a meat grinder that has an attachment of sausage stuffer to make your cooking come easy.

There are various types of sausage stuffers they are; Horizontal, vertical, professional, manual, commercial and electrical sausage stuffers, each having different functions and uses.

Regarding the best brand of meat grinder with sausage stuffer, we have various brands available on Amazon like the STX Turbo Force Cadet Meat grinder brand, KitchenAid Meat grinder with sausage Attachment stuffer.

Other brands include Altra Stainless Electric Meat Grinder with Sausage stuffer, Sunmile Electric meat grinder, Weston meat grinder brand, Kitchener Elite, and Superhandy sausage stuffer heavy-duty commercial meat grinder brand.

These best brands of meat grinder with sausage stuffer attachment ranges from $35 to $400. The sausage stuffer makes it easy for the grinding of meat, cheese, smearing cooked meat and breadcrumbs.

At this point, you have to note that not all meat grinders are dishwasher safe, kindly check the manufacturer’s guide before buying.

Our best pick for sausage stuffer will be the KitchenAid brand of meat grinder because it is very easy to assemble, disassemble, and easy to clean.

One important fact about the KitchenAid brand is that its attachments are made up of POM food-grade material, which makes it heat resistant, gives it a high level of hardness and it’s superior to other brands of meat grinder made up of cast iron metal.

KitchenAid meat grinder brands are durable, superior in speed and it’s fondly called the Kitchen helper.


Here is my best choice of meat grinders that is perfect for all your various recipes and I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. The first good meat grinder that is perfect for home use is the BBday Electric meat grinder brand.

The BBday meat grinder comes with a meat slicer and sausage stuffer. It has a Max load of 2000W output power, 350W motor power. The material is made up of stainless steel, copper, and aluminum alloy.

The pure copper motor has excellent speed that can grind various food like meat, minced pork, vegetables, fruits and garlic. Meatballs and sausages come easy for this brand of meat grinder. It is very easy to operate, and has 3 way on and off reverse switch.

The BBday Electric meat grinder is easy to clean, provides 12 months worry free warranty and life time technical support.

Finally, it has 3 different sized options for grinding and it’s one of the best meat choppers that can save you time.

The second-best choice good meat grinder brand is the Sunmile Electric meat grinder brand. The Sunmile meat grinder brand has been producing quality meat grinders for domestic/home use and the world for two decades.

This high quality, top-rated meat grinder is one of the best choices of meat grinder as it has an output power of 1000W and 350 W of rated power. It can grind meat up to 200 pounds per hour.

The Sunmile meat grinder brand has a circuit breaker that prevents the motor from burning out or over heating during operation. The cutting blade is made up of genuine solid stainless-steel blades that allows you to cut your meat into various sizes like coarse, medium and finest.

It is a great companion for preparing dog, cat food and can also grind little chicken bones. It is ETL certified, easy to clean, easy to start. We definitely recommend this product to anyone; it is worth the money!

The third best choice of a good meat grinder brand is the Weston size #8 Meat grinder that can grind up to 4 to 6lbs of meat per minute that is 360lbs in an hour. It is 0.75HP, 550 watts air-cooled motor.

The Weston meat grinder can grind handcrafted burgers, sausage, meatloaves, and more. It also includes a 10, 20, 30, and 40mm sausage making funnels. Size #8 meat grinder has an opening of 2 1/2 inches.


Regarding meat grinders that can comfortable handle chicken bones, I have carefully reviewed two quality, top-rated brands of meat grinders that are capable of grinding small chicken bones or fish bones and NOT red meat or chicken thighs bones or any other bones of similar size.

They are the Superhandy Ultra heavy-duty Electric stainless-steel meat grinder and Kitchener Elite Electric Meat grinder heavy duty commercial grade stainless steel.

Both brands of meat grinders of chicken bones have a 3/4HP and 550Watts of power. The induction motor steel gear is designed to make grinding powerful. They both can handle 720lbs per hour of meat that is 12lbs per minute.

Superhandy Meat Grinder

Furthermore, both meat grinder brands have stainless steel metal gears, water-proof switch, rustproof, and circuit breaker for safety during operation. During operation, you will experience a quiet, cool, and smooth function.

The Kitchener Electric meat grinder is an excellent machine for the grinding of deer meat by stripping the meat into hamburger, grind sausage, small chicken bones, frozen meat, and chicken bones.

Kitchener Elite Electric meat grinder for small chicken bones.

While the Superhandly stainless steel meat grinder brand is dishwasher safe, easy to assemble, perfect for deer meat, pork, meat, and stuffing of venison. Finally, they are easy to clean and easy to use.


The following are the sizes for meat grinder; size #10, size #22, size #5, size #8, size #32 and size #12. These meat grinders all have different types of grinder plates, grinder blades and sausage stuffer tubes that cone in various sizes and dimensions.

For replacement, you have to know the size of your meat grinder in order to select the exact blade size for a perfect match. Examples are explained below;

The picture here is a size #12 stainless steel sausage stuffer tubes for a meat grinder that improves the performance of your meat grinder attachment. It is dishwasher safe and doesn’t crack. This sausage stuffer tubes can fit the standard size #10 to size #12 meat grinders.

The size #22 meat grinder plate can work for any size #22 meat Grinder. It is 3 1/4 in diameter. It is also commonly used for burgers, sausages, venison, and other meat products. It can work with both electric or manual grinders.

We have the size #12 meat grinder blade made up of stainless-steel knife cutter replacement for grinders brands with a square hole of 12mm and length of 61mm/2.4inches.

The Lontimepet best sharp replacement blade for meat grinder and food chopper is made up of stainless steel and fits most of size #5 meat grinder brands. The blade can cut through hamburger, sausage. Etc.

The size #32 grinder knife fits most size #32 meat grinders. This knife has hardened raised edges for sharper and more precise grinding.

Besides that, we also have the Grinder plates for size #32 grinders with 3/16” holes. It is reversible and universal grinders plates that fit #32 meat grinders brands.

The Lem size #8 stainless steel knife grinder is suitable for size #8 meat grinders brands. They offer sharp blades, balanced weight and an excellent fit, they are highly resistant to rust.

Finally, the meat grinder size you would go for should be based on how often you prepare sausage or other recipes be it cat food or dog food.


Who makes Weston Meat Grinders?

Weston meat grinders are Manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. They are among the best meat grinders available today. They meet your meat grinding demands both at home and catering outlets. They can easily chop meat to varying sizes without hassle. They are fast, reliable, and durable. Here are various Weston Meat Grinders Categories: Butcher Series Electric Meat Grinders, Hand Operated Meat Grinders, and Pro Series Electric Meat Grinders.

What Should I look out for when Buying a Meat Grinder?

Getting a meat grinder as a Kitchen Equipment is important, check out the following to look out for before purchasing a quality meat grinder;

Answer this question first, do you want a meat grinder for specifically meat or bones? Or both meat and bones? The answer will help you make the right decision.
Always look out for stainless steel blades, they are rust-resistant and remain sharp for a long time.

Think about the amount and frequency of usability. This will help you decide if a manual or electric meat grinder will meet your need.

Decide which Power Source you Prefer. We have Electric meat grinders for quick and efficient grinding. If you want to go the old fashion way, the go for Manual Meat Grinders. I highly recommend Electric Meat Grinders.

What Meat Grinder Will Grind Bones?

The best meat grinder that will conveniently grind bones without stressing you out is the STX TURBO FORCE II” PLATINUM W/FOOT HEAVY DUTY ELECTRIC MEAT GRINDER. This meat grinder is perfect for grinding soft bones such as quails, chicken, rabbit, and squirrel. Please avoid grinding large bones. I’ll advise you to grind them in bits so you don’t face challenges.
Kindly avoid hard bones such as turkey, beef, and pork. These bones can’t be processed by this grinder. Don’t forget to incorporate your bones with meat to get perfect consistency.

Which Meat Grinder is Best?

The Best Meat Grinder for 2020 is the BBday Electric Meat Grinder. This professional Kitchen Appliance is FDA and ETL safe and durable food-grade Meat Grinder. It is 110V, 60V, 350W rated power. The Max Load Motor is 2000W, made of Stainless steel, Copper, and aluminum alloy.
Versatile and multi-function meat grinder for making stuffing and filling. Easy to Operate, reverse button switches to unclog the unit. This is the most efficient meat grinder machine.

What is the Best Meat Grinder for Deer?

The best meat grinder for deer is the STX TURBO FORCE II” PLATINUM W/FOOT HEAVY DUTY ELECTRIC MEAT GRINDER. This meat grinder is of commercial grade, features a 2000W of Power, 3 Speeds; high, low, and reverse. It can grind the toughest cuts of meat especially deer without bogging down. Highly recommended for Venison, chicken bones, dog food, duck bones, chicken thighs, and parts. 130lbs of sausage can grind easily ad quickly.

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